Classic Jaguar E Type: A True European Luxury Sports Car

The classic Jaguar E Type is the dream car of many enthusiasts. To some, it may even be the most beautiful Jaguar ever made which further evidentiary why these cars are so expensive.

Jaguar released the E Type in 1961. It was the first iteration of the E Type and was received rather well. In 1968, the second generation entered production and reached dealerships in early 1969. Both models are considered classic Jaguars and despite not selling in large volumes like the American muscle cars of that time, the E Type established itself as a classic.

What set the classic Jaguar E Type apart was its design features and powerful engines. It was capable of competing with muscle cars with its 6 and 8 cylinder engines. The E Type was a fast European car that managed to sell well in the US. Today, not that many classic Jaguars can be found in pristine conditions if we were to compare them with other classic cars. This scarcity makes them even more valuable and explains why the classic Jaguar E Type is so exp

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