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Buying Classic Car Parts Can Be Tricky

Buying classic car parts is a complicated endeavor. The reason being is that many parts are no longer manufactured and the ones that do are aftermarket. Why does this matter? To understand the challenges of buying classic car parts it is important to separate them into two different categories. The first category refers to all […]

Classic Porsche 911: The Classic Car You Can Afford!

The Porsche 911 is by far the most popular model from the German automaker. Many people remember the classic Porsche 911 from their youth and everyone would love to own one and there is a great market for them as they continue to appreciate it over time. Existing owners cherish their classic Porsche 911 and […]

Classic Car Maintenance

Classic car maintenance is not always as difficult as it may seem. Especially now that we have YouTube and google to assist. In order to maintain your classic car, you will need to do some research. What is the model? Does it have any running issues? Typical things to consider when it comes to classic […]

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