3 Examples of Classic Porche Worth Owning

Porsche has designed many iconic cars that most of us have grown up with, seeing them in movies and on the streets. A classic Porsche is usually defined as a model that is discontinued as is at least 15 years old.

The Porsche 928 is one such example of a classic Porsche. It was intended to replace the long in tooth 911, it is as inevitably larger, easier and safer to drive fast that the 911 it was supposed to replace BUT after around 50 years of Porsche propaganda that the engine SHOULD be in the rear and air cooled the new front engined, water cooled car was often rejected as sacrilege for Porsche, The road tests all marveled at the 928’s design and performance and it clearly belongs with the exclusive list of SUPER CARS.

Of course what was at it’s introduction was a very complex  and therefore expensive car to maintain now with it’s evolutions tho even more so, now it’s only in keeping of the average car any  more where NOTHING can be maintained by the owner! It was the crown prince of the line at that time so will rise with the rest. For those with less ambitious interests the 924 is also one of the cheaper models that sold well in the US. Celebrating four decades since release, the 924 can be a great candidate for a classic restoration project. It too suffered being a water cooled,  front engined car AND with a (lowly) production cars engine, it’s low cost has saved it.

Another classic Porsche is the 914. It has a compact design and despite being affordable having many Volkswagen parts, it keeps on appreciating as of recent years. It is in fact called a Volkswagen in Europe. A fun fact about the 914 is that it was the first-ever vehicle to be used as a Formula 1 Safety Car in 1973.The2 Litre flat 6 version is the most desirable–not having a (sniff)production engine.

Lastly, the Porsche 912 is one of the most iconic models of the German manufacturer. It has almost the same style as the 911 but comes with a smaller four-cylinder Volkswagen engine. The 912 is truly a classic Porsche that is worth owning.


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