1970 Camaro: A Classic American Muscle Car

The 1970 Camaro is an iconic car. Even if it did not sell as well as its Ford competitors, it remains a very appreciated true American muscle car. It probably is more appreciated now than when it was on sale.

In 1970, the Chevy Camaro was offered in multiple engine versions. There was a 155 bhp six-cylinder and several V8s. Their power ranged from 200 bhp to 375 bhp. At that time, the cheapest version was $2749. Adjusted for inflation, that would cost today around $18,000 which is rather cheap for a new car. Unfortunately, the 1970 Camaro only sold 124,901 units. The sale numbers were disappointing as the previous model year sold twice as many.

Today, the 1970 Camaro is considered a classic car and one of the most desired American classic muscle cars. It is still possible to find a 1970 Camaro in good condition and owners are truly passionate about this particular car as restoration can be very costly.

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