Classic Porsche 911: The Classic Car You Can Afford!

The Porsche 911 is by far the most popular model from the German automaker. Many people remember the classic Porsche 911 from their youth and everyone would love to own one and there is a great market for them as they continue to appreciate it over time. Existing owners cherish their classic Porsche 911 and parts for them can still be purchased.

Looking at the history of the classic 911, the car was manufactured for just over 3 decades. It began production in 1963 and was discontinued in 1989 when the 964 replaced the 911. The 964 was sold commercially under the name of 911 but it featured a modern design while preserving some of the elements that make the classic Porsche 911 recognizable.

Today, despite the fact that there is plenty of Porsche 911 in pristine condition, they are still pricy. Usually, they can be found around the $40,000 mark but there are price variations depending on which version you are getting. When originally launched in 1963, a Porsche 911 was $6,490 which is approximately $55,000 adjusted for inflation. This means that the classic Porsche 911 manages to maintain its value very well as time passes by.

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