Classic Car Maintenance

Classic car maintenance is not always as difficult as it may seem. Especially now that we have YouTube and google to assist.

In order to maintain your classic car, you will need to do some research. What is the model? Does it have any running issues?

Typical things to consider when it comes to classic car maintenance

1) Tires: this will affect your handling of the car, stopping distance, and overall comfort whilst driving so do not scrimp.

2) Coolant: constantly check to make sure water and anti-freeze levels are at safe levels.

3) Lighting: are all of the lights on your classic car working? This is a legal requirement.

4) Engine oil: in order to prevent your car from seizing up it is always a good suggestion to keep an eye on the oil levels.

Good luck with your classic car maintenance and let us know if there are anyways in which we may assist you.

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