1949 Ford: A True American Classic Car

The 1949 Ford is an iconic classic American car that marked the end of World War II when the automaker resumed production. Compared to the 1946 model, 1949 had a completely redesigned front and introduced the 226 and 239 engines which were a 3.7 liter inline 6 and a 3.9 liter inline 8.

Despite being well received by the public, Ford produced the model for just 3 years. The 1949 Ford was produced from 1948 until 1951 and was available in multiple body styles including a 2 door station wagon and a 4-door sedan.

In the US market, many 1949 Fords managed to survive. Restoration of the 1949 Ford is expensive but considerably for affordable than exotic cars. What is important to note is that the car preserves its value very well and a well-restored one can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many of the land upon auction websites or in private sales because they are still rare and difficult to find.

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