2 Classic Porsche Models Worth Owning

Not all cars reach classic status but with Porsche, things are a bit different. Classic Porsche cars are not limited to a particular model since almost all models that Porsche produced turned into classic cars. What is interesting about Porsche is how easy it can be to get hold of a classic Porsche. The reason being is that less popular models have a lower price tag despite being great cars and there are a few examples of great Porsche cars worth owning.


The Porsche 924 is a great example of a classic Porsche that is reasonably priced. It holds up its value quite well and has a slow pace at which it appreciates over time. The model was produced between 1978 and 1988 and has a more distinctive design that may not seem familiar to Porsche fans.

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Buying Classic Car Parts Can Be Tricky

Buying classic car parts is a complicated endeavor. The reason being is that many parts are no longer manufactured and the ones that do are aftermarket. Why does this matter?

To understand the challenges of buying classic car parts it is important to separate them into two different categories.

The first category refers to all the parts need for bodywork. This means body panels, doors, etc. While there may be aftermarket manufacturers that make body panels for classic cars, they rarely fit perfectly and have perfect panel gaps. Finding body parts in salvage cars can be a worthy alternative.

The second category is parts and components, other than body parts. Mechanical parts from third-party manufacturers can be very reliable. Read more »

Classic Jaguar E Type: A True European Luxury Sports Car

The classic Jaguar E Type is the dream car of many enthusiasts. To some, it may even be the most beautiful Jaguar ever made which further evidentiary why these cars are so expensive.

Jaguar released the E Type in 1961. It was the first iteration of the E Type and was received rather well. In 1968, the second generation entered production and reached dealerships in early 1969. Both models are considered classic Jaguars and despite not selling in large volumes like the American muscle cars of that time, the E Type established itself as a classic.

What set the classic Jaguar E Type apart was its design features and powerful engines. It was capable of competing with muscle cars with its 6 and 8 cylinder engines. The E Type was a fast European car that managed to sell well in the US. Read more »

1970 Camaro: A Classic American Muscle Car

The 1970 Camaro is an iconic car. Even if it did not sell as well as its Ford competitors, it remains a very appreciated true American muscle car. It probably is more appreciated now than when it was on sale.

In 1970, the Chevy Camaro was offered in multiple engine versions. There was a 155 bhp six-cylinder and several V8s. Their power ranged from 200 bhp to 375 bhp. At that time, the cheapest version was $2749. Adjusted for inflation, that would cost today around $18,000 which is rather cheap for a new car. Unfortunately, the 1970 Camaro only sold 124,901 units. The sale numbers were disappointing as the previous model year sold twice as many. Read more »

Classic Porsche 911: The Classic Car You Can Afford!

The Porsche 911 is by far the most popular model from the German automaker. Many people remember the classic Porsche 911 from their youth and everyone would love to own one and there is a great market for them as they continue to appreciate it over time. Existing owners cherish their classic Porsche 911 and parts for them can still be purchased.

Looking at the history of the classic 911, the car was manufactured for just over 3 decades. It began production in 1963 and was discontinued in 1989 when the 964 replaced the 911. The 964 was sold commercially under the name of 911 but it featured a modern design while preserving some of the elements that make the classic Porsche 911 recognizable.

Today, despite the fact that there is plenty of Porsche 911 in pristine condition, they are still pricy. Usually, they can be found around the $40,000 mark but there are price variations depending on which version you are getting. Read more »

3 Examples of Classic Porche Worth Owning

Porsche has designed many iconic cars that most of us have grown up with, seeing them in movies and on the streets. A classic Porsche is usually defined as a model that is discontinued as is at least 15 years old.

The Porsche 928 is one such example of a classic Porsche. It was intended to replace the long in tooth 911, it is as inevitably larger, easier and safer to drive fast that the 911 it was supposed to replace BUT after around 50 years of Porsche propaganda that the engine SHOULD be in the rear and air cooled the new front engined, water cooled car was often rejected as sacrilege for Porsche, The road tests all marveled at the 928’s design and performance and it clearly belongs with the exclusive list of SUPER CARS.

Of course what was at it’s introduction was a very complex  and therefore expensive car to maintain now with it’s evolutions tho even more so, now it’s only in keeping of the average car any  more where NOTHING can be maintained by the owner! It was the crown prince of the line at that time so will rise with the rest. For those with less ambitious interests the 924 is also one of the cheaper models that sold well in the US. Celebrating four decades since release, the 924 can be a great candidate for a classic restoration project. It too suffered being a water cooled,  front engined car AND with a (lowly) production cars engine, it’s low cost has saved it.

Another classic Porsche is the 914. It has a compact design and despite being affordable having many Volkswagen parts, it keeps on appreciating as of recent years. It is in fact called a Volkswagen in Europe. A fun fact about the 914 is that it was the first-ever vehicle to be used as a Formula 1 Safety Car in 1973.The2 Litre flat 6 version is the most desirable–not having a (sniff)production engine. Read more »

Jaguar XK120: A Classic Car With an Award-Winning Engine

The Jaguar XK120 is one of the most iconic classic models of the automaker. After ending production of their SS 100 model in 1939, Jaguar took a break from developing sports cars. 9 years later, in 1948, the XK120 debuted, being their first sports car in close to a decade.

What made the Jaguar XK120 become a truly classic and eye-catching car is its curvy design. The bodywork  (originally alloy) made it stand out and some would compare it to the stance of a feline. As exciting as the exterior was, what was under the hood was equally exciting. The car used a 3.4-liter straight-six engine that delivered 160 HP. That was  ESPECIALLY unheard of in cars costing less than many times as much. Top speed was to established as 120 miles per hour which with a essentially STOCK roadster establishing the name of the model.  Jaguar extended This top speed with racing parts which as in the future became available for private owners as a result, the XK120,140,150,theMk-VII,VIII,Mk-IX, Mk-1 and2 and the E type have ALL been successful racing in their classes. To drive a Jaguar is to drive a member of the racing family! Read more »

1949 Ford: A True American Classic Car

The 1949 Ford is an iconic classic American car that marked the end of World War II when the automaker resumed production. Compared to the 1946 model, 1949 had a completely redesigned front and introduced the 226 and 239 engines which were a 3.7 liter inline 6 and a 3.9 liter inline 8.

Despite being well received by the public, Ford produced the model for just 3 years. The 1949 Ford was produced from 1948 until 1951 and was available in multiple body styles including a 2 door station wagon and a 4-door sedan.

In the US market, many 1949 Fords managed to survive. Restoration of the 1949 Ford is expensive but considerably for affordable than exotic cars. Read more »

Why the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Is So Expensive

The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT is a very rare and expensive luxury car. A well-maintained one can reach a value of up to $11 million. Very few other classic exotic cars managed to reach such a high valuation. These cars are usually sold in auctions, and will never be seen in a showroom or listed on a used car sales website.

Seeing just how expensive the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT is baring the question of why people are willing to pay this much for one. First of all, these particular models were very expensive when they were released. Also, not that many of them were build.

This makes it even more difficult to find parts for restoration. Read more »

Classic Car Maintenance

Classic car maintenance is not always as difficult as it may seem. Especially now that we have YouTube and google to assist.

In order to maintain your classic car, you will need to do some research. What is the model? Does it have any running issues?

Typical things to consider when it comes to classic car maintenance

1) Tires: this will affect your handling of the car, stopping distance, and overall comfort whilst driving so do not scrimp.

2) Coolant: constantly check to make sure water and anti-freeze levels are at safe levels.

3) Lighting: are all of the lights on your classic car working? This is a legal requirement. Read more »

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